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Favorite things

on April 6, 2012

The last couple of weeks have been crazy! So much has been going on. Sometimes months go by and not very many life changing/altering things happen, and then BAM in a two- week period, it all hits. Some not so great news, some awesome news. I will be sharing it all with you in due time…

We haven’t been cooking up a whole lot of new stuff lately, as we’ve been out-of-town this last weekend, and again this weekend w/ Easter on the horizon. We’ve been cooking up a lot of repeats as being creative has quite literally been the LAST thing on my mind.

I have been spending a lot of time mindlessly browsing the web, Pinterest, etc., and wanted to do a post of all of the favorite things lately. From grocery items we have to have, to cute outfits I put together on Polyvore, to cute clothes I want to buy for El.

First things first, food! Mainly, my new kryptonite:

These things are SPICY and delicious. I’ve been snacking on these with a nice tall glass of seltzer water and freshly squeezed lime (what else do I drink really?)

Avocados! For El and I, since Sean doesn’t like them (I know, he’s a nut job!)

We’ve been putting these in our homemade burrito bowls, our buffalo chicken salads, our steak salads, and our eggies. LOVE THEM.

Homemade HOT Giardiniera. Staple.

This is too spicy for El, but we love it on hot dogs, sandwiches of all kinds, salads, and pizzas. Another great idea, when your down to the end of it, with only the mixture of oil/vinegar/oregano, to add some grated parmesan and eat with bread. It’s soo good!

Baby Spinach Leaves

I have always been a huge fan, on salads, pizza, burrito bowls, eggs, and sandwiches. But this has become one of El’s favorites. She was pointing to my salads recently,  and finally I was like you want some? And she kept stuffing her face with them. Amazing! Don’t know how that happened, but I love it 😀

I’ve been addicted to pinning on Pinterest lately. I’m finding some yummy  baking recipes…

Key lime cupcakes w/ Blackberry filling/frosting

Lemon loaf– screams spring/summer and I know Sean would just love this

Here are some cute clothes I have to get El:

Dress from H&M Kids. LOVE! And only $12.95. I have to get to H&M asap (you can’t order anything on-line yet, boo!)

Teacollection.com has the CUTEST girls clothes.

And some outfits for me 😉 (love Polyvore, great tool for putting outfits together, or searching for outfits put together by someone else)



Clearly I need a blue leather purse ASAP.

Everyone have a safe and lovely Easter weekend! El now has a combined 3 baskets (one from me, one from my Grandma, and one from her Grandpa).  Spoiled 😀


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