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All About Breakfast & Chocolate Chip Cookies

on January 23, 2012

We had a terrific weekend. Lots of cuddle time w/ our little girl. Between movie watching (all of us), shoveling all of that snow (Sean), shopping (me),  cleaning (90% me ;( ), cooking (both of us), and baking (me),  it was a very productive weekend. We did do some relaxing though too. 🙂

This is what the weekend is all about right here… (love her new slippers!)

Can you spot Zoe in this pic?

Zoe was born in December, so it is no wonder she loves her some snow. It’s the only time of year she actually spends more than 2 minutes at a time outside.

Saturday morning we were all out of our favorite Market Pantry Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix, but then realized Sean’s Mom gave us this whole wheat pancake mix awhile back.

Love eating a hearty breakfast that is made with whole grains!

And apparently so does Miss Elizabeth! She ate 2 whole pancakes! I wanted some protein with all the workouts I’ve been getting in, so I also made some scrambled eggs w/ feta and spinach.

We topped our pancakes with I Can’t believe it’s Not Butter Light & some Hungry Jack sugar-free syrup

I just love this stuff, can’t taste the difference at all, but Sean hates it. He sticks with pure maple syrup (Archer Farms natch).

After breakfast we watched “The Little Mermaid”. El just loved it, and not gonna deny it, so did I. 🙂 Still my favorite Disney Princess movie after all these years…  That Ursula cracked me UP, I never realized how freaking funny she was!  I even caught Sean smirking (he pretended to be really involved in his iPad)… or maybe I was amusing singing along w/ all of the songs? Who knows… 🙂

“Never underestimate the importance of… Body Language!” hahahaha

Once the house was clean, the groceries were bought,  and 100 loads of laundry completed, we were famished for dinner.We decided to pop in a Freschetta Bruschetta pizza: Tomatoes, roasted garlic, provolone, parmesan, asiago, mozzarella, tomato and garlic pesto sauce, and basil.

We burnt it a little, but we think it only made the pizza yummier. El loved it. She is really turning into a crust person. 🙂

That night I burned through 100 pages of “The Help” (loving this book) and knocked out early. The next morning I decided to put together a little breakfast with some of the leftover pancakes.

Added some scrambled cheesy eggs (american cheese), turkey bacon, and some toast. Here was Sean’s plate.

We decided to snuggle in again and watch “The Little Mermaid II” after that. Talk about the best.weekend.EVER!

El was being super silly and cheerful all day. Trying out Zoe’s dog bed… (that she hasn’t slept in over a year! She sleeps under our bed now)

Modeling Mommy’s necklaces…

Coloring in her giant Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring book…

It was the perfect afternoon for some homemade chocolate chip cookies.

These cookies were SUPER yum. Only problem is… they were flat… I looked up the remedy for this and heard answers from refrigerate the dough, to switch to 1/2 shortening 1/2 butter, to swap soda for powder… so confusing… If you have the answer please share :). The taste was perfect, just would have loved them a little puffier 🙂

Later that night, since I had leftover wanton wrappers (I swear they come in a pack of 100), we recreated our Chinese Fake-Out dinner of Chicken Fried Rice and Crab Rangoons. Even better this time… I added an extra clove of garlic to the crab mix, as well as another green onion. Sooo good. We have leftover filling for a crab dip later on in the week.

For dinner tonight, we clearly were still all about breakfast. We made a salty/savory breakfast sandwich. First we toasted 3 Market Pantry cinnamon raisin bagels (2 for Sean, 1 for me), cooked up three eggs,

Flipped these over so they were over-easy, nuked some turkey bacon, and started layering. Eggs/bacon/American cheese.

I’ve been loving having a cup of coffee before dinner, for that extra energy boost I need in the evening, but tonight I got to sip on it w/ dinner. Awesome.

You know it looks good if they don’t bother to even sit down. (Or maybe they are just hungry 🙂 )

Elly had a scrambled cheese egg, 1/2 slice of turkey bacon (girl’s been turning into a carnivore this last week, first with the chicken, and now with the bacon), and some cinnamon toast (just a piece of whole wheat toast, a smudge of margarine, sprinkled w/ cinnamon/sugar.

She ate all of her eggs. Yay! I have to make her eggs for dinner more often. She did eat a some of the bacon and a couple of bites of the cinnamon toast.

Totally sneaking a bite of bacon down to Zoe… what a ham! (pun intended)

She’s loving her Mommy’s new slippers too. I knew this day would come! Just wait til she tries on my heels 🙂

Even though it is already 9 PM, I still have a busy night ahead of me. Workout (pilates/treadmill/ab arm leg routine) for about 30 minutes; shower; watch “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” finalie (don’t judge, you either already watch it, or wish you did 😉 ), and hopefully be in bed before 11. Good-night!

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