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Chinese Fake-out

on January 9, 2012

Well although I’ve been cooked out lately, I’ve still been busy in the kitchen (does a Mama have a choice really?) Friday night I made up some yummy potato gnocchi w/ vodka sauce. Honestly, El just love this, so I’ve been making this 1-2 times a week. The nice thing is our family of 2.5 ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) splits one package, so the portion size is on point. It also only takes 5 minutes to cook up. Amazing.

Yet again, Archer Farms knows what’s up. One day soon I plan to make some homemade, perhaps even a sweet potato gnocchi ๐Ÿ™‚

I hit up Farmers Fresh Market during my lunch break earlier that day and picked up a HUGE bag of spinach for $1.99. Love that place. I’m on a mission to make sure we eat this spinach all up! I made a simple side salad of spinach, white onion, about an oz. of feta, and balsamic vinegar. We’re talking like 50 calories here and a ton of nutrition. And El just loves bites of feta out of this salad. Awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

Here are my Fresh Market Goodies:

And you can only seeย  3/4 of that bag of spinach! Oh and that guacamole, just yum!

And El gotta a yummy vanilla wafer cookie for dessert :D. She always puts them in her mouth sideways!

My loves ๐Ÿ™‚

I was also super excited b/c my amazon book order came in that evening (I am still refusing to buy a kindle. I like to turn pages and I stare at a computer screen at work all day as it is… I need a couple more years!)

Don’t judge me. I know the second book seems terrible. I mean, who buys this book? Seriously? Well I couldn’t help myself. I had just finished reading “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister” (and was amazing btw, much better than “Wicked”), and I needed some good reads, but also wanted something on the lighter side. Like really light. Hence this book. I became fascinated with the Spellings after watching “Selling Spelling Manor” on HGTV and just had to know the dirt. It was not the greatest book ever by any means,ย  but HIGHLY entertaining. I read it in like a day.

Can you believe this house… 56,500 square feet. It has its own room for silver! Unbelievable.

At least I balanced stupid w/ genius. “The Help” is going to be fantastic, I just know it. I have to read it this week before we rent the movie!

Sean and I could not find anything to watch together on Friday night after El was sound asleep, so he watched “Dr. Who” reruns while I read. On the way home from work that day we had decided we needed a DRINK, (or two…hard work week), so Sean picked up some Vodka instead of beer. I am on calorie watch, so here were our libations:

A great tip for drinking alcohol while cutting calories. Let’s say you want a cranberry vodka. Instead of pure cranberry juice, use club soda, and then a splash of cranberry.

We had to get into that guac, but instead of tortilla chips we used sliced cucumber and whole grain Triscuits. It was yum. You hardly miss the chips.

The next morning El was hungry right away, so she demolished some Archer Farms raspberry yogurt and a whole banana. I had to feed her right away, there was no time for her to wait for what I had originally planned!

I knew I was going to do a couple workouts that day, so I stuck to my planned breakfast anyway (Sean was in cereal mode). Scrambled eggsย  (2) w/ a splash of milk, salt, pepper, feta, spinach, avocado, and grape tomatoes.

And a hazelnut k-cup of course.

I am loving my new Keurig, and Sean is too. He’s always making himself hot cocoa. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you don’t have one of these, run, don’t walk,ย  and get yourself one. It’s life-changing!

That night I totally stepped out of my comfort zone to make a Chinese food dinner. I am going to refer to this as Chinese fake-out ๐Ÿ˜€

I made Kristen’s Baked Crab Rangoon. I followed the recipe exactly and it was so very good. Crab rangoon is one of Sean and I’s Chinese food takeout staples, but OMG they are so bad for you. I was super psyched to see this healthier rendition. The filling actually made something like 32 rangoons. 16 that night, and 16 the next day. We have Sean to thank for eating them b/c El and I sure didn’t eat that many! I think she and I ate 8 total between two meals.

We didn’t use the homemade sauce. Instead I bought Sweet Baby Rays Sweet n’ Sour sauce. Great stuff!

To go along with these rangoons I found a weight watchers recipe for Chicken Fried Rice. The only changes I made to it was instead of 4 egg whites, I used two whole eggs, and I cut out theย  carrots b/c I forgot to buy them ๐Ÿ™‚

This was a fine meal, I must say! Loved it.

The next day I whipped up our favorite lasagna, only this time we used ground beef instead of turkey. I also added a green bell pepper into the sauce. I love making this on a Sunday b/c that means leftovers for work lunches all week long. ๐Ÿ™‚

An hour later:

Heaven! I used up a ton more spinach here as well. That bag has a nice big dent in it now ๐Ÿ™‚

For dinner tonight I saw Freschetta Simple Inspired pizzas on sale, 2 for $10. I picked out the Hawaiian and the Bruschetta pizzas. Tonight we all split the Hawaiian. It was really good, and the bbq sauce had a sweet flavor to it. El just loves the crunchiness of pizza crust… she is mama’s girl for sure! (I am all about the crust, while Sean is all about the middle)

El and I split 1/3 of the pizza, and gave Sean the rest. He’s a big guy and needs to eat, even if I am cutting down. I sprinkled some red pepper on my piece and made a side salad with spinach (of course), 1 scallion, cucumber, feta, and balsamic vinegar. YUM. I forgot how much I love scallions!

Well I just ran a mile, did yoga, and an arm/leg/ab workout, so now I am going to relax with Sean and watch the season premiere of Californication, which we had DVR’d while putting El to sleep. Can’t wait! Have a great night!

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