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My new favorite online store- Joie Shop!

on December 22, 2011

OK, so ever since I bought this nifty kitchen item at Home Goods:

I’ve been dying to check out Joie’s website to see what else they got!

Oh boy, this is life-changing stuff here. I am going to keep my eye out for what I can get at Home Goods, but if I don’t find some of these items, I am definitely placing an order!

A Yolky Egg Separator

Poachie- Microwave Egg Poacher

Fresh pods galore (I love my onion one that I bought at Dominick’s, so now I def.  need these too, esp. the lime one 😉 )

A MooMoo Cheese Pod

So many great products that would come in handy!

Last night we wrapped the last of presents… and tonight we are celebrating Christmas w/ my Dad! Whee!  We are having dinner at Tacos El Norte in downtown Libertyville,  then heading home to video tape El open up her gifts! We will be celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas Day down at my in-laws house (4 day weekend :D), so we are having El open up all her gifts from us and any family/friends from up here tonight. So excited! I’ll be sure to post some pics after the Holidays!

My Dad is sleeping over, so I think we plan to find a western or gangster movie to watch tonight (my Dad’s favorite), and I plan to make a big yummy breakfast in the morning (Belgian Waffles or Spinach Feta Frittata, I can’t decide!) Then we’ll be off. Sometime in all of this I have to make Red Velvet Christmas cupcakes to bring down in my new caddy :D!

Love the Holidays! Can’t wait to watch my little girl open up her gifts for the first time! Merry Christmas to you all, as my vacation starts this afternoon.



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