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Baby It’s Cold Outside!

on December 9, 2011

First measurable snow today! Yay! I love it. Well for now. I won’t love it so much come February! 😉

This cool photo was taken yesterday morning… before the snowfall.

Not by me of course, I live and work in the burbs….

We are very much into the Christmas spirit this year. El and I have been listening to 93.9, our local Holiday music station on our morning/evening drives lately. She loves it and hums along. It’s so cute.

Here’s a pic of El from last year. She sure has grown since then! Uh so cute.

Last night’s desert post Gnocchi & Vodka sauce were those yummy Christmas Reese’s Pieces. Uh heavenly!

Sadly not a single one remains :(! Ooops… We caught up on American Horror Story on demand last night… seriously, this show just keeps getting better. It’ll be so nice when we pick up our DVR on Saturday (!!! Yipee!) Sometimes I don’t know why I watch this show, as I hide under a blanket at the most gruesome parts, waiting for Sean to tell me when it’s OK to look…  we are two shows behind and it’s making me crazy!

Like mainly, who is that stuck in the freaking wall in the back right??? Ah! Freaky!

A good friend of mine made a really cool vintage bowling calendar that she just posted on Etsy. It is super nice, I am getting one for sure. It’s a great gift idea for that bowler in your life ;). The photos were taken at  local bowling alleys in the Chicago area.


This weekend we are getting together with some family and hopefully just relaxing the rest of the time. Everyone have a safe and happy weekend 😀



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