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Semi-homemade Ginger Orange Chicken and Gnocchi w/ Vodka Sauce

on December 8, 2011

Crazy week so far…

Friday night Sean and I snuggled in once El was down and watched Friends with Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis- super cute movie. It’s a total chick flick but Sean dug it. We dug the banter between Mila and Justin’s characters. Also had great soundtrack!

Saturday morning we made some scrambled eggs and scrubbed down the house, so that we could spend all afternoon decorating the outside of our house with tons of white lights. πŸ˜€ We put up our tree (in a safe place so it would not be under attack by babyzilla) and hung our stockings.

Can you spot my Cindy and oven mitt ornaments?

Saturday was girls night/play date. (Girls downstairs watching Tangled, boys upstairs to watch football). I cooked up my super simple mosticolli (sauce recipe in here), and we drank some yummy white wine leftover from Thanksgiving and a few (cough) cocktails. Seriously, how cute are Sean and Elizabeth? (this was them pre-girls night, watching Ratatouille ;0) )






























Sunday morning we were kind of exhausted, but luckily so was El, who allowed us to sleep til 10 PM! Amazing. House was clean, decorations were up, so we spent the day relaxing, reading El a ton of books, and watching the Wonder Pets Christmas specials.









Have you seen the Wonder Pets? Freaking adorable. Especially that duck, Ming Ming. El loves these guys. I got her these dudes for her stocking this year πŸ˜€

She’s gonna love it… I hope as much as she freaked over her new Blues Clues plush. She has to have Blue in her bed, in the car, and usually has her in one hand while playing with another toy with the other hand (or she drops her close by). Too cute!

Here are a couple of pics of El being just plain silly that day. ;D (hard to see Blue, but she’s there, can you find her?)

We spent a good couple of hours at Target grocery and Christmas shopping. We made chicken burrito bowls and soaked up what was left of this super tiny weekend (2 day weekends around the holidays just don’t cut it, know what I mean?)

Monday night we tried something super simple and new (we are all about cooking simple lately, just don’t have the energy to be super inventive lately, lame I know, Thanksgiving sucked it out of me for awhile!), so we tried the Ginger Orange sauce from Archer Farms

It was super yummy. We added it to some cooked up brown rice, grilled chicken, and steamed up broccoli.

El kind of has a MAJOR thing for rice. Can’t explain it, she just eats it by the fist fulls, and then gets mad because it sticks to her hands, then waves her hands around to shake the rice loose, while Zo Zo (our dog) is going nuts trying to eat all the fallen rice.

This picture cracks me up. Just before dinner El was drinking water out of her sippy cup, and accidentally spilled it down her shirt. Something about her being naked w/ a bib looks funny…

Bad news of the week is El had a bad fever. It’s down now, but she has not been herself. Poor thing. Here she is looking like a cute but hot mess playing with abacus my Dad bought her from Ikea…

With Blue next her, natch.

We had planned to go to a restaurant for my Dad’s b-day, but because she was not feeling well, we ordered in some yummy Chinese and played and snuggled with her.

Tonight I made a super simple dinner,Β  a box of Archer Farms potato gnocchi trio with some yummy vodka sauce. El loves this meal, and I needed my little girl to eat well tonight so she is back to her old self again…


















Sometimes simple meals are just the best… Anyways, hope my El feels better and fast, and looking forward to another great weekend πŸ˜€

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