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Funny and Favorite Holiday gift ideas

on December 2, 2011

To start off with, some funny things for sale. My friend was shopping for a blow-dryer and found this and sent me the link. Could you die?

Hahahahahha ! 🙂


This Wine Glass Holder Necklace.

$25. Really???

A Double Slanket

$116! Say what??!!

Edward Twilight Sparkle Ceramic Detailer.


Sorry Twilight fans, but this is ridiculous!

Nose shower Gel Dispenser.

Sick… but hilarious!

And some favorites:


Well you saw this coming, a photo book from Shutterfly. They are awesome people.

Great gift for a new baby- Personalized growth chart from etsy.com. El’s Godmother got her one for her 1st birthday and it’s adorbs!

Hard to see it in this pic, but it’s super cute!


Ticket Stub Diary, how neat! Can someone get this for me?? Thanks 😉

iPhone case bottle opener. Awesome. When we finally get iPhones this spring, Sean will have to have this.




Birth Month Flower Necklace So pretty (great gift for your ladies guys,  only if you can’t afford diamonds, of course…)

Happy Shopping and have a terrific weekend!



One response to “Funny and Favorite Holiday gift ideas

  1. How precious your little girl’s room is! And I just love Etsy. I’ve already done some of my holiday shopping on there — so many amazing handmade things.

    This list of yours is hilarious. I don’t know how you found so many amazing gifts! 😉 Though, the ticket stub holder is a great idea. I always want to save the little stubs as a reminder of fun times, but they’re so small they get lost everywhere. I should make a little book just for the stubs.

    Thanks for the holiday smiles!

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