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Life is Good :)

on December 1, 2011

So I haven’t blogged in awhile due to:

1. Being in Michigan for a couple of days to see family for the holiday

2. Not cooking b/c eating leftovers from Thanksgiving (awesome)

3. Just tired! Have been fighting a sinus infection, and if you’ve ever had one, you are in bed early. Will finally be starting antibiotics tomorrow.

Thanksgiving went great! I was way too busy to take pictures, but honestly, it was so much fun. Turkey was juicy, all the sides were yummy. I did get a pic of our appetizers though!

And I must say, leaving out a bunch of the mustard in deviled eggs really just tastes better (and I am a mustard lover!) Also, I didn’t fuss much with the turkey. Really having it dethawed properly, salting it the night before, and cover it with vegetable oil and more salt/pepper just before putting in the oven, was really all it took to get it right. We did use a meat thermometer and took it out at 170 degrees. It was super juicy, and I only basted it one time.

My personal favorite thing was the Maple Walnut Vinaigrette salad dressing. Make this!

This has been an exciting week. Elizabeth called me Mama for the first time (I’ve been Gaga for quite a while now). Cutest moment ever. She had just finished her breakfast of scrambled eggs, and Sean and I were eating some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (omg YUM), and she wanted up on my lap. I was giving her sips of my OJ and feeding her bits of the cinnamon roll, and all of a sudden, softly she put her head on my chest and said “Mama”. I almost started crying. What a cutie!

She got 3 new molars in the last week too! And she’s been sleeping great. What a trooper!

I also got El’s First Year scrapbook in the mail, from shutterfly.com. OMG it is so cute! I made two smaller copies for the Grandparents. It’s adorbs! It’s 25 pages long, 12 x12 hardcover. I am going to make one for her for each year of her life.

That is the biggest I could get this photo from there website! I must say these books are addictive. I got a coupon at Target for 1 free 8 x 8 book, which I used to make Sean an anniversary book back in September.

I definitely find making these so much better/easier than regular old photo albums. Plus they always have promotions going on. Highly recommend!

The biggest news of all this week is… I got a promotion! Yay! My new title is Senior Production Editor. It’s always great when your hard work pays off 🙂 Such a great way to go into the Holidays.

Got El the cutest outfit for Christmas:

Hard to tell, but the dress is sparkly gold. Just enough sparkle, but not too much :D. I love Baby Gap!

I also started reading two books: Catch 22, and Bitter is the New Black, which a friend lended to me. OMG it is hilarious! It is actually written by a blogger. I plan to read all her books now.

Today at work we had our annual Holiday Sample Sale. It’s pretty great. You get to buy children’s books, cookbooks, toys, etc for $.25- $5. Ridiculous. I cleaned up good like usual, got a few great cookbooks, a giant Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring book, a Blue’s Clues plush, and just a ton of children’s books. Love it.

Also my Dad took me out to lunch, our favorite diner, and had a great conversation like usual. He’s the best. Love him. Such a good Grandpa!

OMG she looks so tiny to me here. That was only 3 months ago and she has changed A LOT since then.

Weekend plans are to have two couples friends over tomorrow night, decorate for Christmas on Saturday, and go Christmas shopping on Sunday. Life is good 😀

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