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on November 3, 2011

So I have the flu.





I have been feeling icky for a few days now, so the meal plans for the week have been put on hold.

We ate wraps from Target’s deli, Archer Farms, Monday night. (I got the Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Sean go the  Turkey Chicken Wrap). , grilled cheese/tomato soup made by the Seanster on Tuesday night, and I made pasta w/ alfredo/spinach for dinner last night (which El of course loved, my little pasta freak). I am so not taking pictures of food right now. Too tired and cranky, especially for such unimpressive foods…. (those wraps were pretty good though! And not knocking Sean’s grilled cheese, it’s BOMB, but we’ve been having it once a week lately!)

I stayed home from work yesterday and Sean brought El to day-care. I lounged on the couch and watched TV the whole flipping day. It def. helped, I feel a bit better. I caught up on a few shows on On Demand:

Tough love (sounds so stupid, but I love it. The host basically gets to yell at stupid girls and actually changes their stupid ways.)







The New Girl









Zooey Deschanel is adorable/funny. Love how she dresses, totally pulls off the retro look.

Then realized today that El might have chicken pox. :(!!











(Loved Arthur books/show!)

She got vaccinated around few weeks ago, and just this morning I noticed a few small bumps on her tummy/legs. Taking her to the Dr. after work to confirm. She had a 1% chance in getting it 20 days or so after the fact.Yup, 1%. Really?

Fingers crossed that I am just being a paranoid Mommy whose baby has acne or something.

Here is a pic of her the last time she was sick w/ a cold. 😦









Thankfully, although it’s been a boring food week, and horrible health week, I stocked up on some Archer Farms goodies to keep us happy. So I am very impressed with this brand lately. On wraps night we decided to snack on Archer Farms Peppercorn Ranch chips. Um these are insanely good. And not totally bad for you! (I didn’t say good 😉 )

Also tried Archer Farms yogurts for work snacks this week. So far I’ve tried Blueberry Pomegranate and Honey Almond.

















So far I have loved anything Market Pantry or Archer farms. TGFT! (thank goodness for Target)

Last night Sean and I caught the first episode of The Next Iron Chef. I am rooting for Chef Ann (she’s my favorite.) Sean is rooting for Chef Irvine- he loves his no BS attitude on Restaurant Impossible.

So tonight our meal plan is back on track. I’ve got dethawed ground beef in the fridge 3 nights now and it’s got to get cooked up. Burger and homemade french fries night are on.

Fingers crossed she doesn’t have the pox!

2 responses to “Sickies!

  1. Oh boy — I’m right there with you! I hope your little one is healthy, and that you get well soon. You know, I think every now and then us moms need to get sick. We do so much, and almost nothing can stop us. So when we’re sick, those few and far between days — sleeping in, vegging on the couch — the perfect remedy. Sometimes our bodies have to tell us to slow down, because we’re too stubborn to realize it ourselves!

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