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Baby feet!

on October 27, 2011

Had a fantastic lunch at my Grandma’s on Tuesday:

Duck, green beans, and fresh bread:









For dessert: green tea & fresh figs!









I’ve never tried fresh figs. Ironically, was having a conversation about figs the day before with a friend, who was sharing some of her dried figs, about dry vs. fresh. Ironic how I don’t eat/talk about figs my entire life, and yet eat dry and fresh figs all in the same week. Life is silly… 😛

As far as the taste, pretty bland actually. I def. prefered dried, so much more flavor!

Grandma sent me home with brownie chocolate chip cookies (Grandmas are the best!), which I in turn passed along to Sean (Although I did split one w/ El on the car ride home… 😉








Isn’t she the cutest?











Baby Yoga is wear it’s at!


Also love this picture. She hates wearing socks/shoes, and takes them off every chance she gets.  She totally gets this from me. 😉









Don’t you love baby feet???


Tuesday night I cooked up an old favorite: Mostacolli. Sean’s parents gave us two coolers filled with ground beef (freshest you can get); steaks, roast, and pork chops.

So I had to start using up that meat asap. I made Mostacolli with EVOO; S&P; onion; garlic; ground beef, pasta sauce, and bow-tie noodles. Easy-peasy.

Sauce recipe here in my lasagna recipe (only swapped turkey with beef)






Elizabeth’s plate:


My plate w/ a side of mixed greens, feta, balsamic vinegar, grated parmesan:












Sean’s plate:









This is definitely feel good food.


Ever since eating B-Dubs Sunday night, I could not get buffalo chicken salad out of my head. It’s ridiculous. So I decided to make some up last night, following this recipe, only I made some changes to mine. (Sean always keeps his simple!)

I added fresh feta, (best feta ever) and Spicy salsa. This was so flippin good people!









Had to have this with club soda and lime









El cannot eat buffalo chicken salad, of course, so she had some more bow-tie noodle mostacolli. She ate some of that and an ENTIRE banana. Should have gotten her a banana costume instead….













While watching TV we munched on guacamole with Sabra tortilla chips. This was so good. Definitely going to Fresh Farms from now on for guac/chips/limes from now on.












We also had some lemon-orange Kras cookies:









These were great, a nice change-up from the hazelnut that my Dad brings us.


I packed my breakfast and lunch last night (I hardly ever do this, soooo need to do this more often, saved us so much time this morning!)

I made oatmeal with whole grain oats from Trader Joe’s, flax-seeds, pumpkin butter from Lambs Farm, ground cinnamon, and a very ripe banana.




















These were so good heated up this morning!

I packed some leftover mostacolli for lunch, an orange, and some Snapple.






Tonight my Dad is coming over and he is picking up dinner. 😀 Night off from cooking- yes! It’s so crummy outside! Happy Thursday! Friday is almost here!






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