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Family and Football

on October 24, 2011

Weekend flew by like always. Always feels good to be around family! Weather was dynamite, sunny and in the 60’s!

Here is El eating cheesy eggs and Multi-grain Cheerios Saturday morning









And here she is feeding the dogs šŸ˜‰









We cooked up some spare ribs Saturday night (not near as tender as baby back, but they were still delicious!)

We watched MSU take down Wisconsin. That last play was insane!


Go Spartans! I can’t help but cheer for Michigan State. Sean’s whole family for the most part are Spartans fans, as so many of them went (or still go) to school there. The campus is beautiful, the dark forest green color is very flattering, and the sports programs are “clean”, and is they don’t pay their players. šŸ˜‰








Interesting fact: MSU’s stadium holds 13,000 more fans than Soldier Field.

Regardless, was def. rooting for my Bears on Sunday. They were playing in London!

Here is El watching the Bears play on Sunday while munching on a graham cracker. The grand-kids are very popular with these dogs.









Oh dear- that hair is a hot mess! Might have to start using conditioner on her now that the winter is in our midst!

Bears won too. What a great football weekend!

We made great time on our trip back. We were starving for dinner and decided there simply wasn’t enough time to cook. Enter Buffalo Wild Wings.









We split 6 Honey BBQ wings (only compromise we could come up with… Sean loves flavors like Caribbean Jerk & Sweet BBQ, whereas I love Spicy Garlic and Parmesan Garlic. I always get there buffalo chicken salad, b/cĀ  it is my favorite food to eat in the whole entire world. It’s true. Sean got the Caribbean Jerk wrap. We really don’t mess around with Buffalo Wild Wings menu, we pretty much always order the same thing.

This afternoon a couple of co-workers and I were heading to go to Trader Joes, but the traffic had other plans for us. We went to Fresh Farms International Market and we got some great loot. Here was my stash:

  • Fresh made guacamole (can’t wait to eat this while curling up with Sean and watching Monday night football)
  • Sabra Tortilla chips (never tried these but they looked great)
  • 10 limes for $1!
  • Mixed Baby Greens
  • Bananas
  • Red Potatoes
  • Kras wafer cookies on sale 50% off: I decided to try the lemon/orange (you must try the hazelnut variety!)
  • No pulp orange juice
  • And the best thing: Homemade Confetti Pretzels:









I’d be lying if I said that these hadn’t been touched yet. I keep stashing them in my purse and the box keeps falling out… ;P

Happy Monday! Perfect Fall weather truly is the best.








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