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Type A

on October 20, 2011

When I am preparing for leaving town for the weekend, sometimes I get a bit stressed. It kind of freaks me out to not have the weekend to clean the house, grocery shop, do laundry, etc. Also postponing that looming to-do list… (I am a total list person. I have a list for everything- meal planning, grocery list, work-out diary, budget plan (Excel of course), and the longest list of all time: the to-do list.

Type A much?!? Can’t wait to get an iPhone this spring!








So this week I have decided to hell with my to-do list (except for the super important stuff, of course!) and am just letting go. I am telling myself that it isn’t the end of the world if my bathroom mirror isn’t spotless. This is tough for me, but I am forcing it. I would much rather let go, relax, and instead of going crazy disinfecting the master bathroom tonight, I am instead going to watch Jersey Shore, drink a glass of wine, and look forward to actually not having to bust out the to-do list this weekend, and just enjoy visiting family. The bathroom can wait til next week. Right…?










Let’s not get it twisted. I still have somewhat of a to-do list for tonight:


Fold laundry

Make steak burrito bowls (burrito bowls are being made weekly: best.idea.ever)

Watch Jersey shore (love this train wreck)

Return coasters at Home Goods (Sean said they were “granny looking” uh!)

Pick up BBQ sauce at Target

Run 2.5 miles

Sean is def. going to help out with dishes/laundry, per usual (because he is the best husband in the whole entire world). Compared to the to-do list I originally had for tonight, this is a vast improvement. I am proud of myself already :D, although I know I won’t be in bed till 10:30 earliest.

This weekend we are heading to Woodhull, IL to see the fam. It has been way too long! El needs to show off all her new moves, like talking (She says “Go, Go, Go!”; “Yum!”, “Ball”, “Baba” (for Baby & Banana); “GaGa” (instead of Mama still); “Dada”). She also is walking super fast (last time we were down there she just started walking); she also just understands so much more now. Love watching this boo grow up. Life is getting more exciting and interesting every single day!










She is obsessed with sitting & standing on this ottoman lately.











Too cute.

And scares me. Would it be weird if I got her a helmet?

They’ve got fresh baby back ribs from Michigan, and once we get down there I am gonna cook um up (hence the BBQ errand). I am making them the same way I made up before, but only this time laying off the spicy BBQ and Cayenne (well at least for the ribs that aren’t being eaten by me and Sean.. mauahhaaha)

Heading to lunch with the ladies… not sure where we are going, but kind of hoping for some Noodles!

I always get the Med Salad w/o noodles (I know, sounds silly to remove the noodles at a place called Noodles!), and I add either chicken or beef. It’s heaven! But thinking about being adventurous and getting the Pad Thai today…

Everyone have a great day!

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