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on October 18, 2011

One of my new favorite websites lately is Pininterest. It’s kind of addicting… You can pin anything you see online that you love, DIY projects, recipes, furniture, and photos.

Two photos I have pinned recently:











This photo just speaks to me 🙂 Kind of craving a hot cup of tea right about now!











Love this pooch! Might be time I bust out my scarves for the season, it is chillay out there!

Also found a great gift idea that a friend just pinned:











Totally reminds me of the Christmas ornament I bought!












Totally psyched about Christmas this year. We are putting up our first big tree, decorating our new house, and our El is going to actually be able to rip open her gifts. Epic!

The recipes you can find on this site are great too. Here is a great one for the day after Thanksgiving:











Turkey Cranberry Monte Cristo

Here is a fun DIY project I stumbled upon and had to pin. Totally plan to try this starting January 1st:











It’s daily journal you write in every year. Can’t wait to start this…

Tonight I am making Ree’s Steakhouse pizza. I made the dough last night. Fingers crossed this turns out, I hear pizza dough has a mind of its own…

This kind of looks like it is worth the risk, don’t you think?









2 responses to “Pin it!

  1. Megan says:

    Love it! That pizza looks yummy!

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