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on October 8, 2011

Blueberries are Elizabeth’s official kryptonite









She also loves peas, plain or in alfredo pasta. I’m starting to think she just likes to eat anything that is bite sized and round 🙂






Got a free sample of Honey Nut Cheerios in the mail (for my cereal hound husband)











Sean picked up some Caramel Apples and Sam Adam’s Octoberfest later on in the week. We are two fall lovers, he and I.









Fall is when we first met AND Fall is also when we got married.  Just a fantastic season. Hoodies, beer, pumpkins, and football.

Oh regarding that “lava” I mentioned in the last post

This is all you need:








Pasta sauce, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and grated parmesan. If you are not into spicy foods, just skip the pepper all together. This would still be good.

Combine. You decide on the sauce/spice ratio. Heat over medium on a hot stove, stir, and top with a lid. Once boiling, turn the heat off and you are all set. Dip veggies, crackers, bread, whatever you got into this sauce. It’s so simple yet so good! We like it spicy so we usually prep a pitcher of water w/ ice cubes ahead of time.









We also made buttermilk waffles earlier this week (Market Pantry Box mix, so good!) Paired El’s with some ripe banana.









We had a Tostinos pizza and spinach salad one night, balancing the very bad for you with the very good for you (these pizza’s were on sale and I had a coupon, so I said just this one time…)








Here is a picture of that deli sandwich we made to mimic the “Wreck” sandwich from Potbelly’s:








It was so very good: we made ours with french whole grain bread, turkey, ham, spicy giardiniera (best), mustard, mayo, onions, pickles, and pepper jack cheese.

My Dad took me out to lunch to Chili’s on Thursday for my birthday. I got the Fire Grilled Chicken Ranch Quesadilla with a side of guacamole. Heaven.









And some Fall flowers. Good Man.









I went out w/ the ladies last night at Mickey Finn’s Brewery and tried the bruschetta and beer nuggets. Also tried a Vegas bomb shot. Def. need to run this weekend, no doubt about it!

This morning was a bit groggy from going out. Needed something hearty fo sho

Fixed El some cheesy eggs she couldn’t get enough of, and Sean and I some cheesy egg bagels with sliced ham. Yum!









This weekend has a long to do list:

1. Oil change on the SUV

2. Laundry

3. Clean house

4. Grocery shop

5. Purchase pumpkins at farmers market

6. Purchase bench for patio (another birthday gift, my Dad gave me the mula but wanted me to pick it out myself… like I said, good man!)

Time to get moving! Don’t you love Fall?

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