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Strawberries, Bubbly, and Ghosts

on September 25, 2011

Yay! We survived our first year 🙂 Had a fantastic anniversary 🙂 Here is a card from Sean’s parents. They are so sweet!











So here is how I made chocolate covered strawberries for this occasion:

First you melt your chocolate (I used a 12 oz bag of white chocolate chips) in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring each time. Once it’s all melted, you simply dip your washed and dried strawberries (a pound), swirl, and lay out on wax paper. I didn’t realize we were out of wax paper, so I just used some saran wrap (not ideal, but it worked). Then refrigerate.





We had some leftover chocolate, so I dipped some of Elizabeth’s animal crackers into the chocolate, and voila, a snack for my sweet toothed hubbie









I used a Dunkin Hines box mix for the cake and cupcakes. Presentation was pretty sloppy, but taste was great 😀









Instead of making my own frosting, which is really super easy, I bought some Market Pantry cream cheese frosting. Waa waa. I know. But it was seriously only $1.72, cheaper then buying all the frosting ingredients. Stinks sticking to a budget, but what can you do? Also, it was super yummy, all that matters 🙂

We went to Jimmy’s Charhouse restaurant for the first time.

We started off with some tortilla soup, which was pretty good. Some fried calamari (not so good, but it was fried and it is calamari, so we ate about 2/3rd’s of it. (even a pretty good calamari would have been 100% eaten, but what can you do?)

Sean ordered the chicken and rib combo. The chicken was Grecian style, herbs and lemon, really good. He had yummy thick cut fries, and his ribs had a tangy sauce, really good. I ordered the prime sirloin medium rare. It was OK, but I should know myself better. I am a t-bone or skirt steak kind of girl. This didn’t have enough flavor for me. The steamed veggies were so-so, but the mashed potatoes were soo soo good.

We went back to the hotel to enjoy some bubbly and beer that we brought, as well as the desserts I made. We were in for a surprise 🙂 This is what room service dropped off while we were away:









Just like on our wedding night. 🙂

I had to throw some of mine into the mix.



















Sean relived a wedding after-party moment



















I decided to wear a locket Sean bought me for my birthday back in our college days 🙂

We relaxed and watched some movies, and peaked on the wedding going on just outside our hotel room patio. We contemplated crashing this wedding at around 11 PM but chickened out 🙂

We started off watching some TV show about ghost hunting and we got to talking. I am seriously so spooked. Sean told me a story about living in a haunted house while he was younger. It’s a true story. In a nut-shell, his family had just moved into their town and decided to rent out this house. They learned before moving in that the current owner’s mother used to live in the house, but died after carrying boxes from the attic to the basement. She died in the basement and it was days before anyone found her. Sean told me all about how they would hear footsteps, doors opening, all along the path of the basement to the attic. So creepy! He even played a trick on the ghost by locking the attic door. He paid for it because a few nights later the ghost thought it would be fun to walk around his room for a bit.

Yes, you are thinking he was messing with me, but really, he wasn’t. Seriously. And if I find out he was, he’s gonna get it!

So then we thought it would be a fun idea to watch “The Other’s”. Sean has seen it many times but I never had.

That was also creeptastic. I think we are ready for Halloween just a bit early 🙂






We were excited to get home to our boo this morning. She had a fantastic time with her G-mama and Matt.

Sean made Elizabeth her first PB&J 🙂 She loved it!




I also got some fun mail


















A Sun Maid Fall Favorites recipe book. I love Fall recipes. Perfect!

Off to watch the Bears to lose to the Packers (I am being realistic…) and have some more red velvet cake. 🙂

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