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First Anniversary!

on September 24, 2011

Sooo excited! Sean and are celebrating our first anniversary tonight. So much to do. I am making chocolate covered strawberries, chilling the champagne, and baking a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting this morning. I meant to make these last night, but after unloading the groceries, this was not happening. I’ve been sick all week and was exhausted!

We are getting a free room at the same hotel we got married at. The itinerary has changed a few times, but as it stand right now, we are eating dinner at Jimmy’s Charhouse near the hotel, swimming and relaxing at the jacuzzi, and lastly snuggle into a movie and eating our anniversary cake and strawberries.







Instead of saving the top tier of our wedding cake, we decided to serve it to our guests. Our top layer was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, which we never got a chance to even try 😦 boo hiss! I wanted to order a cake from Rolf’s Patisserie, where our wedding cake was from, but I found it was exceedingly expensive. Then I thought I’d check Target’s bakery. Not bad at $18, but felt that a Dunkin Hines box mix would do just fine at $1.67! Can’t beat that.

Had a really funky week so far. Have been sick with a cold but starting to feel better. It’s all about the super foods. We’ve been eating a ton of spinach. Here is that spinach, feta, onion, balsamic salad that I’ve been ranting and raving about:







So refreshing and yummy!

I’ve been eating spinach like a mad woman. Here was my lunch/ afternoon snack yesterday:









We had a bean and rice burrito night, whole grain tortillas, whole grain rice, black beans, lettuce, and salsa. Elizabeth was loving the rice πŸ˜€





Am I taking way too many pictures of this nugget? Yes. Yes I am. πŸ™‚







This morning I made my favorite eggs for me and Elizabeth to share (I make these on mornings when Sean wants to eat a bowl of cereal -he’s a cereal fanatic, Jerry Seinfeld style.








3 whole eggs

1 splash of milk



2 slices of American Cheese (although I love using feta from time to time)


Off to cleaning the entire house, baking a cake and a tray of cupcakes (w/ the other half of the batter), and fixing up white chocolate covered strawberries πŸ˜€

My besty and her fiance are babysitting and spending the night here. How great are they??? I owe them BIG time. Hence the tray of cupcakes to start off w/ πŸ™‚





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