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Broken dryer

on September 4, 2011

So Friday night the agenda was:

1. Laundry so we could hit the road in the morning

2. Basil Pesto Tomato pizza

Well, we were able to get that pizza cooked up. Nothing really homemade here, but Yum-O non-the-less:








   Boboli wheat crust; Archer Farms Basil Pesto (All I actually wanted to use was fresh basil, but they were out, so I found this instead and went with it), sliced Roma tomatoes (on sale), and shredded part skim motzarella.







As far as laundry, we discovered the dryer wasn’t heating. Waaa Waaa….

We decided best to stay home and figure this out, as we’d hate ourselves if we arrived home on Monday night w/ this problem. Clean laundry is of utmost importance! We found the owners manual and Sean spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what the issue was. He thinks he’s got it figured out, and ordered a part we should be getting next week. Fingers crossed! Love that my man is handy like that!

So after unpacking our bags Saturday afternoon, I realized  I had not grocery shopped for the long weekend. I went to Super Target (best place for me to shop in the area… Dominick’s is way overpriced, the Jewel by us is sort of old and dingy AND overpriced, and the Garden Fresh Market nearby was OK for produce, but that is about it).

I’ve been crazy frugal lately, and I make a weekly meal plan, grocery list, and print out coupons wherever I can find them online. I only spent $60 this week. My lowest yet. I know to some crazy couponers, that is not that impressive, but to me this is. We were dropping $150 minimum per week before.

So I started by ordering El’s diapers on amazon.com in bulk. Being a new Mom, they offered me up for 2 months free of Prime, and each time I made a purchase, the extended Prime for free. Right now I am set through next March. Pretty cool, eh? Prime means free 2 day shipping and NO tax. Unreal. I also order Sean’s power bars on amazon, which are really overpiced at gas stations & Dominicks (only two places I have been able to find them). He loves these for work morning breakfasts:





So I was able to cover lasagna, buffalo chicken salad, raspberry chipotle chicken salad, tuna melts, grilled cheese, chicken burrito bowls, mac & cheese, no bake strawberry cheesecake, as well as breakfasts, lunches, alchohol even, for $60. Love coupons. Granted I had some ingredients on hand, but that is the key. See what you have already and base your meal plan on that.

Saturday morning breakfast was super lame. We thought we were taking off, so Sean had his favorite cereal, frosted mini-wheats, I ate a hot dog (strange I know, I just love um though), and El had some Gerber apple rice cereal mixed w/ applesauce.

Once we realized we were staying home, I had to figure out something for lunch. Realizing that we had next to zero options, that is when I went grocery shopping. When I got home, Sean was still working hard on the dryer. I made tuna salad and turned it into a melt sandwich for him.


Then I couldn’t wait to get started on my very own No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake, inspired by:


Recipe is on tastykitchen.com, pending editorial review, so I’ll post a link later on.










We are letting this sit in the fridge overnight. Can’t wait to try it!

Last night we had buffalo chicken salads (we are obsessed, OK?)

Sean drank Coors light while watching our NIU Huskies beat Army.   Once Elizabeth was down, I relaxed and drank some B&J’s Sangria. It was really tasty and refreshing!










We watched another nail biting episode of Dr. Who on the BBC. If you are into Science Fiction at all, please check out this show. It’s great!

I let Sean sleep in this morning while El & I made Buttermilk Belgian Waffles & turkey bacon. I sprinkled some cinnamon sugar and clove just to give it that fall feel. They were sooo good!

A couple of Christmas’s ago, Sean’s parents bought us this waffle maker, it’s the best, made by Bella Cucina







Time to shower up and take El to the park. Tonight I am making lasagna 😀 Have a good day!









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