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Slow cooked baby back ribs… need I say more?

on September 2, 2011

When Elizabeth first started eating she couldn’t stand the sweetness of fruit. Well, she has grown up a little since then, and now fruit is #1! First we noticed it with fruit salad a couple weekends ago at Sean’s parents house, and again last weekend with watermelon at Lambs Farm. This week we stocked up on fruit and she’s been loving it, especially blueberries!








And I believe she was watching Blue’s Clues… my little blue boo boo!

Sean was feeling a little blue himself (and not in the good way like Elizabeth) last Sunday. I knew what I had to do.









This is the second time I’ve made these, here is the recipe:


I skipped the Cumin this time. Much better. Cumin must not be my thing! The cayenne pepper def gives it some spice, so if your not into that, skip it. We topped them off w/ Sweet Baby Rays Sweet n’ Spicy BBQ sauce. (It’s the best, didn’t you know?)Served them up w/ some crinkled baked french fries and we were in business.

Monday night we made burrito bowls again, only this time w/ steak. They were the best ever.

















We both had Knorr’s Steak Fajita rice, skirt steak, black beans, and light sour cream, only I opted for feta cheese (I know, but we were low on cheddar, and Sean is a cheesehead who hates feta, so I took the risk on mine and it worked out great!) I also had sliced avocado, which is something Sean is not a fan of. Either way they were delish!

For Elly, here is the before:








And the after:








Thank goodness we have Zoe to help with the clean up 😀








You know you love her….

We did our buffalo chicken salad Tuesday night. Our favorite.









As this is spicy, I made El some of her favorite pasta- whole grain penne noodles, pasta sauce, and parmesan (All Market Pantry, because I’m frugal like that).








Wednesday called for a repeat of chicken bacon ranch panini’s w/ some good old tomato soup. I made three so Sean could pack one for lunch. The third panini never survived lunch. He ate both. Shocker 😛










Last night, Thursday night, we wanted pizza. We used Boboli wheat crust, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, turkey bacon, and pineapple.








El wanted none of it shockingly, so she had leftover pasta.

I naturally had to sprinkle some red pepper flakes because I am strange like that, but really, it is the best. Love red pepper flakes!








Tonight I’ll be making another pizza, only this time it’ll be a basil pesto sauce w/ sliced tomato. Also busting out the laundry as we decided at the last second to head down to Woodhull again for Labor Day weekend.  Have a great weekend everyone 😀

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