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Summer is winding down

on August 27, 2011

Last Friday night at the Rodeo I got to try Elephant Ears for the first time. I was stuffed from the worlds thickest hot dog










so Sean ordered one and I took a few bites.  Can anything deep fried and covered w/ sugar really fail though? They are pretty much the same thing as funnel cake.








Sean’s Mom made yummy food all weekend like always, including marinated steaks, mixed berries salad, pork burgers, homemade banana cake and brown sugar frosting for Sean’s brother’s birthday.

Monday night we made homemade “Chipotle” Burrito Bowls, inspired by:


Tuesday night was Summer Skirt Steak Salad:




Here is the recipe:



Wednesday night was Raspberry Chipotle Grilled chicken salad (Archer Farms Raspberry Chipotle grilling sauce- try it!)










Thursday night was Grilled Garlic Lemon Tilapia w/ mashed sweet potatoes and a mixed greens salad (added feta/balsamic vinegar/onion).

This is my favorite Feta of all time. Every other Feta cheese I have bought does not compare.








I took Friday off to spend with my Dad who is back from his 3 week trip to Croatia. We went to Lambs Farm.


That place is great for kids & adults. They have an actual farm filled with sheep, horses, goats, & pigs. They also have a train ride a merry-go-round.  There was a thrift shop, bakery, pet store, flower garden, and restaurant. We did it all.

The flower garden was gorgeous:







The toys El picked out at the gift shop that we had to give her at the restaurant (so she’d stop lifting the table cloth over her head :D)








We ordered Mac & Cheese and a fruit cup for this little girl. She wasn’t sold on the Mac & Cheese, but she ate my Spanish rice and a ton of watermelon though 😀








I ordered the Chimichanga w/ chicken. It was really the best I had ever had. Turns out it was there speciality.








At the bakery we chose a loaf Monkey Bread (Sean’s favorite), pumpkin butter, and raspberry preserves.








Today I made a tuna casserole for the first time and it turned out great!

Here is the recipe:







Today so far I’ve cleaned the whole house but our bedroom/bath (is it just me or does that always come last??), done several loads of laundry, and cooked. Sean’s mowed and trimmed the bushes. A very productive Saturday thus far. Tonight is the premier of a new season of Dr. Who. Cannot wait!


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