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on August 19, 2011

And the countdown begins. Less then two hours from now, I’ll be picking up the boo and driving down the interstate in ZERO traffic (well that should be the case!)

We are heading to Woodhull, IL to visit family and go to the New Windsor Fair and Rodeo. So excited. Artwork, bulls, bingo, elephant ears, beer tent. Sounds like a good time if you ask me!!


Last night I so did not make burrito bowls. We forgot to put the chicken in the fridge to de-thaw last night. Lame 😦 So Sean picked us up Taco Bell. Not my choice. I thought Jimmy Johns would be sooo much better, but that husband of mine loves him some T-bell. I am so detoxing this weekend! (well wish me luck, hello, carnival.. beer tent?)

I wills say this though, there Volcano Nachos are good. I probably only like them b/c they involve tortilla chips, melty cheese, and jalapenos.

Don’t worry. I did not feed my baby girl Taco Bell. She had her favorite baby pizza and peas.


Getting excited about Elizabeth’s fall wardrobe. Check out this jacket I bought her from Baby Gap. Adorbs, right? Sold out!

I know this sound weird, but not ready to put her in jeans. I want her as comfy as possible for as long as possible, so she’s stocked up in leggings for the fall.




Alright just about out of here, so ready to hit the road 😉








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