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on August 17, 2011

Today is a weird day. I am cranky. I don’t want to do any work, and any that comes my way feels like torture. Why is it not Friday? Why am I so cranky? Why do we let mean human beings get the better of us? Just not my day…

Kind of reminds me of my wedding day Bridezilla moment that the photographer totally captured.


Okay, enough complaining. πŸ˜‰

Last night I ended up making grilled cheese sandwiches w/ tomato soup per Sean’s request. He needed more then “just a salad”. Psshhh

I used up some of that leftover sour dough bread and cheese from Monday night’s Panini’s, and some classic Campbell’s tomato soup. I doused mine with black pepper.

Who am I kidding. I put a ridiculous amount of pepper in just about everything. That is the one spicy thing Sean and I don’t have in common.

Side note: Market Pantry ground black pepper (Target brand) comes in a better and more user friendly container. Easier to pop open then McCormick’s, which I used to always get. And… it’s cheaper!





El did not like her dinner. She was cranky last night (contagious). She was lucky I had a back-up plan.








I filled these guys up with Dannon Vanilla yogurt and froze them overnight. You can buy them here:


You can put just about anything in these, from frozen fruit, juice, yogurt.

She was scared at first….







But then was like mmmmmmmM







She ate the WHOLE thing. Granted about 1/3 ended up being pounded onto the kitchen table (she loves to do that, but it helps keeping her next to the table, less food gets flung at Zoe).

She has a mullet going on now. Gotta love funky baby hair! I don’t want to chop any of it off though!!

Oh and I had Chipotle for lunch. That is always a good thing. And necessary for when you are in a bad mood. I actually am such a loser, ordered an I Heart Chipotle t-shirt on Amazon. Should get it today. Sean is gonna KILL me ;P (what a waste! He’ll say). This time I have to agree with him, but seriously, I’ve been wanting a “Life’s a Burrito T-shirt from there for way to long. Couldn’t find one, so this is it. $9.99. Whatever. I deserve a freaking ugly $9.99 Chipotle tee to clean in, okay? Can you give me that? Pshhhh

President Obama is in Sean’s parents town today, actually right at this moment, in Alpha IL. Sean’s Dad and brother are there.


My mother-in-law, Christine, is DVR’ing this for us as we will be down there this weekend.

OMG this picture is cracking me up:







Well got to get out of here. Way too much work today, way too much on my mind. Hoping I can shake off this feeling tonight! Also heading to my besty’s place after getting the boo down. Sean is gonna hang back and play Halo (I am sure of this.)

Night πŸ˜€


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