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Loving this weather

on August 16, 2011






It’s the perfect summer weather. 83 degrees and sunny, and it’s not humid! Get’s me excited for fall too. I know I know. But come on! Football, beer, fall recipes. You know you love it!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Elizabeth’s Halloween costume and I think this is gonna be it:









It’s not too fussy like some of the other costumes I just KNOW she’ll try to take off.

Also plan on making Kristen’s pumpkin spice whoopie pies:


We are buying tix this week to see our Huskies play at Soldier Field. Super excited!!! And I also plan on watching a lot of football this season. Don’t know what has come over me, but Sean kind of loves this. No fighting over the remote 😉

Also shopping around for a toddler basketball net and kitchen set. My girl is growing up so fast!










Okay, so enough about getting ready for fall, summer is still here and I best enjoy it while I still can!

Last night I made the Chicken Bacon Ranch paninis. They turned out flippin awesome:








I tried to have dinner conversation with Sean, but he was way too into his food. At first I got annoyed, but then later took it as a compliment 😉

Tonight it’s on for the buffalo chicken salads. Making El her favorite baby pizza (wheat bread, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella and baby spinach.)

I need some new toddler recipes though! Problem is Sean and I like everything SPICY, and babies can’t do spicy. Some recipe’s I can make a non-spicy section for her, but others, like buff chicken salad, just can’t :(. I sure hope she will like spicy foods when she’s older. 🙂

Maybe this would be a better costume:






Alright, back to work! 🙂






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