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Relaxing weekend

on August 15, 2011

Had a long relaxing weekend. Haven’t blogged in a bit due to a nasty ear infection :(.

Summer hours at work are neat. I get to leave at 12:30. This last Friday, I scoooped up our little nugget and met Sean at Butterfield’s Pancake House in Northbrook near Sean’s job. Love that place. This is the second time we have gone.

El was too cute. She had the short stack of pancakes.

I had to have this:

New Mexico Skillet

Spicy chorizo sausage, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and avocado


Sean’s pick: Chicken Fajita Wrap- Spicy chicken breast, sautéed onions, red and green peppers, and Monterrey Jack cheese in a whole-wheat tortilla.

I had tried some of his and his was actually even yummier then mine! What is that all about? Uh. He always orders better then I do (not that my food wasn’t really good)

As Sean went back to work El and I bummed around w/ our full tummies watching Olivia on nickjr (great kids show btw, easy for adults to watch too.) No joke. El was laying on my tummy. What bums 😉

  • We barley got to hang out with Sean that night. He got home from work and then took off to a co-workers housewarming. El goes to bed decently early, so we stayed home.  I seriously could find NOTHING to watch on TV, so I ended up watching an episode of 4 brides. That show is brutal. It’s where 4 brides go to each others weddings, rate and judge them, and whoever wins gets a dream honeymoon. Thing is brides can be brutal. I fall asleep on the couch when all of a sudden dabooboo starts crying. She never does this (well hardly ever). I run upstairs and actually cradled her for a few minutes, rubbed her little back. She was darling actually. It felt good to be needed. (We have a ridiculously independent toddler.) Sean let me sleep in the next morning and made breakfast. They were slightly overcooked. But I’ll take it 🙂 I then made a recipe I found at tastykitchen.com for dinna:


So simple and so good.

Sean was in man heaven!

We ate um on whole wheat buns and I cooked up a side of boxed Betty Crocker bacon ranch pasta salad. Good times.

Other then partying it up with our boo all day in our living room full of toys, I got a chance to catch up on Food Network Star on Demand Saturday. My favorite guy Jeff the sandwich guy won!

Also caught up on HGTV Design Star. Last episode I watched they sent my favorite guy home.  Bummer. It’s on again tonight. Kind of stoked anyway, lots of good contenders. Also stoked about Dina’s new show on HGTV that premiere’s tonight. Dina from Real Housewives of New Jersey. Craziness!

While watching we munched on Archer farms white corn tortilla chips and MP hot salsa. SO GOOD. Forgot how much I love chips & salsa. Paired that up with Summer Shandy. SO refreshing.

Started reading a book I bought a million years ago:

The show bombed, but it’s Candace Bushnell, I’ll give it a try.

Let’s see, what else?

Oh cleaned out the fridge. It was time.

(Creepy photo)
Then Hit up Target for groceries. Kind of obsessed w/ coupons lately and meal planning. Check out this site:


What is planned for this week:
Buffalo chicken salad (think we are gonna have this twice this week):


Chicken fajita burrito bowls- first time making this, came up with it myself: Spanish rice; grilled chicken, caramelized onions and green peppers; hot Market Pantry salsa; sour cream, chopped romaine lettuce MMMM can’t wait.
Also gonna make a chicken bacon ranch panini, inspired by Subways chicken bacon ranch sub. Can’t imagine that can even go wrong??
Anyway, back at work today. Ordered Sean’s beloved and overpriced power bars on Amazon, and learned that Ree Drummand, Pioneer woman herself, has her own show on Food Network premiering at the end of the month. So cool.
So tonight I’ll be making chicken bacon panini’s on sourdough bread with creamy potato soup, watching HGTV, and organizing my closet . Not too bad for a Monday 🙂

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