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Tuesday.. well at least it’s not Monday!

on July 26, 2011

In good spirits. New dark denim bootcut jeans, new flowy white top, toes are still painted pink, loving the haircut, all in all I’m feeling good about myself, especially since I got off my butt and worked out last night!

Although I had my usual lean pocket breakfast/sugar free red bull, and had a nice piece of leftover lasagna for lunch, and a banana for a snack, I was still feeling hungry. WTH. I had 75 cents worth of change in my purse, but I made it work.

Free butter popcorn in the cafeteria. This is my first time in almost 3 years indulging. I’m not a big fan of popcorn but I was really needing something. Then got my favorite canned beverage La Croix (lemon).

This did the trick,  but kind of can’t wait to get home and make a buffalo chicken salad for dinna.

Just checked tvguide online and nothing good is on tonight. 😦 boo! Hoping that means me and my hubby bubby can snuggle up and watch a movie 😀

Counting the minutes until I can pick up my boo boo. Isn’t she friggin adorable?

Possibly meeting up with Daddy at Target on the way home. Okay, time to get out of here! Yay!

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