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Finally back on the bandwagon

on July 26, 2011

I finally broke my no working out streak (13 long guilt ridden days). It wasn’t much, 20 minutes of running and 10 minutes of a quick arm/leg/ab routine I put together. But it felt GREAT

In order to make this happen I had to eat PERFECTLY all day. See, when I don’t eat perfectly, I am not motivated to work out. It should work the opposite way, but not for me 😦

In any case, I started off my morning eating a breakfast lean pocket. Yes, not the healthiest “perfect” breakfast, but you have to understand I have a 1 year old, and it is made with whole grains, I can nuke it in 2 minutes, and eat on my drive into work. I went with the Applewood Bacon Egg and Lowfat cheese:

This is what I usually have on most work week mornings. I pair this with a sugar free red bull, which I hate to tell people, but has lots of really good stuff in it:


For lunch I had archer farms chicken salad on whole wheat bread (seriously archer farms really impresses me, soo good!) and just downed cold water all day long.

For dinner we ate up some more of that lasagna, but I decided to make sure I filled about 2/3 of my plate with mixed greens/crumbled organic feta cheese/red onion/balsamic vinegar MMMMM

Then it was time to watch HGTV Design Star. Favorite room of the night:








Learned all about psoriasis on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and then watched part 1 of the Real Housewives of NY reunion. Favorite quote of the night was from NPH himself, referring to Alex McCord as “The Frankenstein looking woman?” Hilarious!!!

Truth be told, these woman are getting worse each season. I’d bet big bucks Bethenny is happy to be out of there!

Then at around 10:45 I was like I might be comfortable, sitting on the couch, soaking up reality ridiculousness, eating sunflower seeds in my PJ’s, but I got to get moving. So I did.

Felt so good. Gonna do it all over again tonight (but not at 10:45, and I sure hope there aren’t so many good shows on again- well, not really ;P )

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