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Entertaining Weekend!

on July 25, 2011

Started off my long weekend taking dabooboo to the ER Thursday evening to get checked out. She fell out of her crib at daycare (sounds worse than it actually is, she fell about 2 feet onto a hardwood floor, out the side of a crib (side of crib lever gave out). She’s 100% fine, but still think that aged me a couple of years! All in all, she’s got two little scratches and a tiny little bruise!








She’s been a total crankafous ever since. Super needy, which is so unlike her 😦 Poor thing!

Had plans to hit the farmer’s market on Friday, but the storm that came in was bananas. Seriously, this has been the strangest summer with the storms here in the Midwest!

Saturday was madness. We all slept in til 10 AM, which is unheard of for us. I was in a mad dash to shower, get a pedicure, haircut, outfit, and groceries all before my friend Katie’s Bachelorette party downtown.

Night was a blast. We started out at the Hotel Monaco





Hotel is gorgeous and unique.

We got ready, watched Katie open up her gifts, and sipped on champagne.

Then we headed to Quartino’s. Amazing. It had a vintage Tuscan feel to the place, and food was amazing!















The salami, calamari, and assorted bruschetta was sooo good.




We also ate their fresh bread w/ EVOO & freshly grated Parmesan.

How cool does this look? I am hoping I can find this at an international grocery store:








In the background you can spot the Penne alla Vodka. That took us over the top.

As food kept coming it was kind of like damn why did I pig out on the appetizers!  The lasagna was so good, the sausage and peppers were dynamite, and the country herbed lemon chicken was my favorite. Of those last three things mentioned, I had one bite of each. No room!

Then off to Pops for Champagne for bellinis and chocolate covered strawberries 😀










We got some fabulous bling rings as well 😀 (mines the blue one!)


We went to Katie’s favorite bar O’Callaghans. “Secret” room upstairs where we were able to snag a table and sip on Vanilla vodka’s with cranberry (really yummy) and have girl talk. Here’s me with the bride to be:








All in all a great time, but did not make it to sleep until 4 AM! AH!

The next day was a challenge. A little bit hung over, very tired, and a needy little one. Hubby was exhausted by having all the fatherly duties the day before. I still managed to make the yummiest crispiest buttermilk Belgian waffles I’ve ever made.






I also managed to do 7 loads of laundry, organize my closet somewhat (hey it’s all at least hung up now!), and most of the rest of the house.

That night I made Whole Wheat Ricotta Spinach & Turkey lasagna. It turned out better than ever. Just one of those good cooking days I guess. El & Sean had seconds!








Entourage premiere, True Blood, then Real Housewives of New Jersey (don’t judge, its great stuff)

A great ending to a crazy weekend. Has left me exhausted! I’ve had a red bull and an iced coffee already today. Plan is to work out and get the dog a bath (El keeps throwing food on her!) Have a good night!

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