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on July 21, 2011

So last night I did not work out, nor did I organize my closet, nor did the dishes even get done. It was pretty much the laziest night ever.

As soon as Elizabeth was in bed, I sat and munched on graham crackers and watched The Challenge: Rivals (love these shows)

TJ Lavin is really, really attractive. In my top 5, no doubt.

The compromise was that Sean would watch this with me, if I watched Torchwood with him. I fell asleep halfway through after taking over the long couch while he got up for a drink. Just as he predicted. I am such a Granny lately!

I am in a rut with working out. It hasn’t happened since last TUESDAY. Today is THURSDAY. Not cool Michelle!

Must work out tonight. This is my motivation:

Seriously, I gotta move it.

On a brighter note, this woman at work is selling off her Hallmark Christmas Ornaments collection. I had to buy these:

Kind of makes me excited for Christmas this year, first Christmas Elizabeth may even remember possibly, or at least be able to rip open presents at. Cannot wait!

Found a recipe I have to try next week:

Can you say YUMMM!!!

Also another woman at work was selling off her Baby-Sitters Club book collection, around 50 books. I had collected these when I was young and they were given away. I really want these for my girl, so I am getting those today. Good collectibles shopping along with my yearly order of makeup/cosmetics all in the same week. Safe to say I am DONE shopping for at least another month.




Had a very yummy lunch at Wholly Frijoles Mexican Grill with some friends and co-workers. Ordered the Taquitos Dorados (Crispy flautas stuffed with steak topped with tomatillo, avocado sauce, sour cream and cheese). It was really very good.


The owners are HOT




And then an added bonus:







Special office treat: Half Ice Tea, Half Lemonade Drink, known as the Arnold Palmer sooo good & seriously refreshing, and some lemon cookies, which I got to sip while reading a Disney Fairies book. I love my job.

Tonight the plan is to work out with my besty, grill up turkey burgers and sweet potatoes, and watch The Real Housewives of New York. And it’s my “Friday” b/c I took tomorrow off. That was such a great idea. 😀

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